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Handmade production ensures the finest quality and allows for a complete customisation of Atelier Février’s final pieces. Experienced and driven by the desire to design unique pieces, our in-house designers support and advise all bespoke rugs’ projects. From the re-drawing of the shape and size to fit a specific room, to the selection of materials or the research of alternative dyes, all possibilities are made possible to best meet the expectations and constraints of the spaces that will host their future Atelier February rug. Driven by passion and patience, and with a great attention to details, our experienced team  seeks for each project the most adapted and precise solution to welcome a unique and outstanding piece that will last forever. Once the final design is approved, Atelier Février’s in-house designers work closely with the highly skilled artisans who will entirely hand-knot each creation by hand in Nepal, requiring hundreds and of hours of work.


As a family brand, we value life, trust and our Mother Earth. Atelier Février is committed to creating timeless, high-quality rugs with the least impact on our planet, ressources and living beings. With these core values at heart, Atelier Février has been partnering with Label-Step, the fair trade non-profit organization committed to the wellbeing of weavers and workers in the handmade carpet industry. Beyond the fundamental standards of human rights that we impose on ourselves, we support the objective of Label-Step to make the carpet industry an instrument of development in rural areas. We believe in a principle of virtuous circularity, and have quickly adopted a model of positive value creation on a social, economic and environmental level. With Label-Step, we support the development and promotion of carpet craftsmanship in Nepal and Tibet, aiming to empower local artisans while living decently from their know-how in the most sustainable way possible. Atelier Février’s creations are timeless and durable by design.
We believe in rugs that are passed on from a generation to the next and offer complete customisation to ensure your final piece will fit perfectly with your environment and expectations to last forever. We only produce rugs on command, with 100% natural fibers and dyes.